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Helping to make accessibility accessible since 2007. Here you'll find lots of content on the topic of accessibility, and other technology I find interesting.

25 years of Help Tech and Me

In this blog post, I highlight my special relationship to Braille displays of the Handy Tech brand. The occasion is an anniversary.

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How to use Element and Matrix with a screen reader

In this blog post, I give an introduction to the Matrix communication network and the most popular client named Element. I will show you the main elements of the web and desktop user interface and how you can quickly navigate around it using a screen reader.

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My Journey To Ghost

In this post, I discuss some aspects of my migration of this blog from WordPress to Ghost, and what pitfalls I encountered.

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Welcome to Marco's Accessibility Blog 2.0!

This blog has launched on a new platform. Find out a bit about the background and motivation in this post.

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The focus of this blog is changing

Recently, Mozilla introduced an official blog about all things accessibility. This blog is transitioning to a pure personal journal.

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What's new for accessibility in Gutenberg 7.2

Gutenberg 7.2 has just been released as a plugin. The development cycle was longer than usual. As a result, this version contains a lot of changes. Several of them improve Gutenberg’s accessibility.

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

To everyone who celebrates it, a very merry Christmas!

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Happy Chanukka

Wishing all of my readers who celebrate it, a very happy Chanukka!

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WordPress accessibility team member, Gutenberg contributor

My recentfrequentblogging about Gutenberg has led to some really productive changes.

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Recap: The web accessibility basics

Today, I am just quickly going to recommend you an old, but all-time reader favorite post of mine I published 4 years ago. And it is as current today as it was then, and most of it already was in the year 2000. Yes, I’m talking about the basics of web accessibility.

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