Recap: The web accessibility basics

Today, I am just quickly going to recommend you an old, but all-time reader favorite post of mine I published 4 years ago. And it is as current today as it was then, and most of it already was in the year 2000. Yes, I’m talking about the basics of web accessibility.

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Call to action: HTML needs more native rich widgets

Over the weekend, this post by Dave Rupert made the rounds, and I totally agree with what he is saying.

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Some fixes in Accessibility Inspector in Firefox 72

Firefox 72, currently in beta, received some fixes to the Accessibility Inspector this week. Here they are.

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A good read: How to make ads responsive

A friend of mine published his very first blog post on Monday. Congratulations, Schepp, and welcome to the world of blogging! His post is not related to web accessibility, but I found it a fascinating read, so am sharing it with you. He describes how he wrangled ads into the responsive (and accessible) relaunch of the media company’s web site he is working on. But be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart, and very technical. And fascinating. 🙂

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Why accessibility APIs matter

This morning, Victor from payPal and I got into an exchange on Twitter regarding the ChromeVox extension. ChromeVox is a Chrome extension which provides screen reading functionality for blind users. Through keyboard commands, the user can navigate page content by different levels like object by object, heading by heading, form control by form control, etc.

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