What's new for accessibility in Gutenberg 7.2

Gutenberg 7.2 has just been released as a plugin. The development cycle was longer than usual. As a result, this version contains a lot of changes. Several of them improve Gutenberg’s accessibility.

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WordPress accessibility team member, Gutenberg contributor

My recentfrequentblogging about Gutenberg has led to some really productive changes.

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A few quick tips on Gutenberg on mobile devices

The new WordPress block editor is also available in the WordPress app for iOS and Android. It uses the same basis as the editor on a self-hosted or hosted WordPress site, but is a bit simplified. And it is accessible. Here are a few quick tips to get around it.

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A quick introduction to using Gutenberg

Late in November, I published a personal opinion on the state of Gutenberg accessibility. Today, I’d like to give an introduction to Gutenberg from a screen reader user perspective.

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My thoughts on Gutenberg Accessibility

I have, for the most part, remained silent about the whole WordPress Gutenberg accessibility topic. Others who are closer to the project have been very vocal about it, and continue to do so. However, after a period of sickness, and now returning to more regular blogging, I feel the time has come to break that silence.

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