On sale until December 31st: Threema seriously secure messaging

Threema is an alternative to WhatsApp & friends, with a focus on privacy. It’s made in Switzerland, and it is on sale until December 31 for half the price.

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A few quick tips on Gutenberg on mobile devices

The new WordPress block editor is also available in the WordPress app for iOS and Android. It uses the same basis as the editor on a self-hosted or hosted WordPress site, but is a bit simplified. And it is accessible. Here are a few quick tips to get around it.

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My review of Apple AirPods Pro

Last week, I got my set of AirPods Pro. And after using them for a few days in various situations, can say: Best active noise cancelling headphones I’ve ever used!

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Call to action: HTML needs more native rich widgets

Over the weekend, this post by Dave Rupert made the rounds, and I totally agree with what he is saying.

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The Number 15

Today, we passed the two thirds mark of this crazy project. It is Sunday, December 15, the third advent. Time to reflect a bit on the number 15, which takes a bit of a special place in my life.

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Some fixes in Accessibility Inspector in Firefox 72

Firefox 72, currently in beta, received some fixes to the Accessibility Inspector this week. Here they are.

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A quick introduction to using Gutenberg

Late in November, I published a personal opinion on the state of Gutenberg accessibility. Today, I’d like to give an introduction to Gutenberg from a screen reader user perspective.

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If you ARIA label something, give it a role

TL;DR: As a rule of thumb, if you label something via aria-label or aria-labelledby, make sure it has a proper widget or landmark role.

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Happy birthday, Mom!

Yes, my Mom has her birthday today. She’s 70 now. And I’ll go see her and the whole extended family on Sunday to celebrate. But don’t you worry, the Sunday blog post is already planned. 🙂

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mailbox.org is giving new customers €6 until Jan 10, 2020

My personal favorite e-mail provider mailbox.org is giving away Christmas vouchers until January 10, 2020, for each new customer registration. Details if you read on.

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