Today, we passed the two thirds mark of this crazy project. It is Sunday, December 15, the third advent. Time to reflect a bit on the number 15, which takes a bit of a special place in my life.

I was born on April 15, 1973. The checksum of 15 is 6, which is the product of the very first two prime numbers, 2 and 3. 15 itself is the product of the first odd prime numbers, 3 and 5. The checksum of my full birthday is 30, which is the product of 2 and 15, or 2 * (3 * 5). If you break it down to a single digit, you get 3, which again is the first odd prime number.

My father is exactly 30 years older than me. My sister is 6 years younger than me, and my mom is six years younger than my father. Yes, my mom and sister are also 30 years apart. And there are two persons participating in each of these comparisons.

My wife is exactly 15 months older than me. Her birthday is January 15, 1972. We started dating on May 21, 2011, whose checksum is 3, and got married on December 30, 2013, which again is checksum 3. Two times 3 is again 6, which is again the checksum of our mutual day of birth, the 15, and the number of months we’re apart age-wise.

And all of this would not check out if my birth hadn’t been delayed by a day. I was predicted to arrive on the 14th, but decided to wait a day longer to make this all fit. Because that’s how I roll. 😊

Oh and this is day 21 in my extended advent calendar. And the checksum of 21 is? <3