This year, I have a special treat for my readers. On Monday, November 25, at 12 PM UTC, I will start a 30 day series about everything and anything. Could be an accessibility tip, an how-to about using a feature in an app I use frequently, some personal opinion on something, a link to something great I came across on the web… I am totally not certain yet. I have ideas about some things I want to blog about, but by far not 30 of them yet.

Are you as excited about where this 30 day journey will take us as I am? Well then feel free to join me! You can like this blog in the section at the bottom, follow the RSS feed, follow my Twitter or Mastodon timelines, or like my shiny new Facebook page for the blog. The new posts will appear every day at 12 PM UTC. For those in Europe and Africa this is great, for the U.S. and other parts of the north, central, and south American content it’s earlier, and for those in Asia and Australia it’s late in the day.

I look forward to your comments about what I’ll be posting! Let’s all have some end of year fun together!