Auditing For Accessibility Problems With Firefox Developer Tools

Since its debut in Firefox 61, the Accessibility Inspector in the Firefox Developer Tools has evolved from a low-level tool showing the accessibility structure of a page. In Firefox 70, the Inspector has become an auditing facility to help identify and fix many common mistakes and practices that reduce site accessibility. In this post, I will offer an overview of what is available in this latest release.

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Navigating in the Firefox toolbars using the keyboard

Firefox toolbars got a significant improvement to keyboard navigability in version 67. It was once again enhanced in Firefox 70. Here’s how.

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My thoughts on Gutenberg Accessibility

I have, for the most part, remained silent about the whole WordPress Gutenberg accessibility topic. Others who are closer to the project have been very vocal about it, and continue to do so. However, after a period of sickness, and now returning to more regular blogging, I feel the time has come to break that silence.

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A few tips on Mastodon

In recent months, you may have come across the name Mastodon here and there. Especially two weeks ago, when Twitter again made headlines with some, possibly politically motivated, account suspensions that resulted in an influx of users from India to the federated network. Time to look at it a bit, also with regards to accessibility.

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How I made the Firefox Protection report screen reader accessible

Firefox 70, released in October, contains a new feature called the Protection Report. It contains a graph of all the things Firefox protected you from in the last seven days. Here’s how I made that screen reader accessible.

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My extended advent calendar

This year, I have a special treat for my readers. On Monday, November 25, at 12 PM UTC, I will start a 30 day series about everything and anything. Could be an accessibility tip, an how-to about using a feature in an app I use frequently, some personal opinion on something, a link to something great I came across on the web… I am totally not certain yet. I have ideas about some things I want to blog about, but by far not 30 of them yet.

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My third Android experiment

In November of 2018, I started a third attempt at switching to Android as my primary mobile operating system. This time, the experiment lasted 9 months. But I switched back to iOS nevertheless.

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Nolan Lawson shares what he has learned about accessibility

Over the past year and a half, I have ventured time and again into the federated Mastodon social network. In those ventures, I have contributed bug reports to both the Mastodon client as well as some alternative clients on the web, iOS, and Android.

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WAI-ARIA menus, and why you should handle them with great care

The WAI-ARIA standard defines a number of related menu roles. However, before using them, please give great consideration to the implications.

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Sara Soueidan on designing a switch control

Sara Soueidan just published an article on her path to designing a theme switch. Among the many great points she is making in this post, I would like to highlight one particular quote:

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