I’m currently attending the Mozilla 2008 summit in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Among all the good sessions we’re having, there are a couple that I definitely want to blog more about over the course of the next few days, but wanted to share a few thoughts right now so we all kind of know what to expect:

  • One of the big themes here at the summit is the effort at Mozilla to bring the Gecko platform to mobile devices. There are many ideas floating around, and it’s certainly going to also be an accessibility field. I have some ideas that I need to get formulated properly which I’d like to bounce off the community to get some feedback.
  • The Thunderbird and Calendar teams have done some great progress in their respective fields, and now that Thunderbird has moved to Gecko 1.9.1, and Calendar will follow after its 0.9 release, and then get integrated with Thunderbird 3, we’ll have some interesting times ahead getting the calendar controls accessible. ARIA is going to help a lot with that, and I’m looking forward to help formulate proper exposure of information to ATs for these.
  • Aaron’s and my talk about accessibility API and standards support in Firefox 3 stirred quite some interest, and I believe it helped quite a few people understand better how the different pieces connect to one another.
  • Speaking of ARIA, there have been a few people even asking outside sessions about it, and I’m hoping to be able to connect with Ray and John tonight at the bbq so we can finally talk a bit about jQuery and Amo and all the cool stuff surrounding it. So Ray, come and find me! 🙂

On a more organizational side, rumour has it that the rock slide that blocks the main highway from Whistler to Vancouver should either be cleared, or a good alternative route be found until we depart on Friday, so no change in travel plans is necessary. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that! And let’s also hope that nobody got hurt in that rock slide.