After I revisited the results of my Switching to Android experiment, and finding most (like 99.5%) items in order now, I decided on Tuesday to conduct a serious 30 days with Android endeavor. I have handed in my iPhone to my wife, and she’s keeping (confiscating) it for me.

I will also keep a diary of experiences. However, since that is very specific and not strictly Mozilla-related, and since this blog is syndicated on Planet Mozilla, I have decided to create a new blog especially for that occasion. You’re welcome to follow along there if you’d like, and do feel free to comment[Update August 30, 2014]: The experiment was over after 18 of the 30 days, so the blog linked to above is the archive I am keeping on my new site. The Blogger links that were here previously will disappear, and I encourage to visit the new blog and spread the word!

Also, if you follow me on Twitter, the hashtag #30DaysWithAndroid will be used to denote things around this topic, and announce the new posts as I write them, hopefully every day.

It’s exciting, and I still feel totally crazy about it! 🙂 Well, here goes!