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Switching back to Windows

Yes, you read correctly! After five years on a Mac as my private machine, I am switching back to a Windows machine in a week or so, depending on when Lenovo’s shipment arrives. You are probably asking yourself, why I … Continue reading

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WAI-ARIA showcase: Microsoft Office web apps

Prompted by the recent Microsoft and GW Micro partnership announcement, I took a long overdue look at Microsoft’s Office 365 product offerings. The Home Premium edition not only gives you five installations of full Office Professional versions in your household, … Continue reading

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What got me into programming

On Nov 20, 1983, Borland released Turbo Pascal 1.0. At a price of revolutionary 50 us$, developers received the world’s first fully integrated development environment (IDE) for the PC. It combined the compiler and code editor, and later also debugger, … Continue reading

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What’s new in Accessibility in Firefox 8.0

The newest update to Firefox has just been released to the public, and it’s that time again where we look at the user-facing and facing assistive technologies changes in this Firefox release. If not otherwise noted, these changes apply to … Continue reading

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JAWS 10 public beta’s Firefox 3 support: A review

In the August issue of the “FS Cast” podcast, Freedom Scientific announced the soon-to-be expected availability of JAWS 10 public beta. They also demoed many of the new features, like the automatic forms mode switching. They also mentioned that they … Continue reading

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How to make JAWS 8.0 load the Firefox configuration for Firefox 3.0

In order for JAWS 8.0 to load the Firefox configuration also for Firefox 3.0, so that a Virtual Find can be performed using Ctrl+F, the file C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\8.0\Settings\enu\ConfigNames.ini must be edited. At the end of the … Continue reading

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