The new "Freedom Of Choice" does not account for accessibility needs!

Before continuing, please read this post by Steve Faulkner of The Paciello Group on the same topic.

This is primarily a warning to all screen reader users who read my blog that the only choice you have is to install Mozilla Firefox as an alternative to MS Internet Explorer. While you can, in theory, install the other browsers as well, and some of their marketing statements sound pretty shiny, none of them will work with your assistive technology!

As Steve points out in his post, none of the statements of what the browsers offer talk about accessibility or no accessibility. There isn’t even hidden text that would be visible only to screen reader users indicating something like “if you are a screen reader user, use only either Firefox or IE”.

I was contacted by our marketing team about the issue of accessibility, so I can say with conviction that we tried to bring this into the discussion. But for the EU, Microsoft and all other parties, this issue didn’t seem important enough to highlight. Thanks for this great service! 🙁

Please spread the word to your friends and warn them accordingly! You can help them avoid unnecessary frustration.

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