The WebVisum extension needs you!

This is a shout-out to all interested extension developers who have some time to donate to the WebVisum extension project. As you can read in my review of the extension, it is one of the most important extensions for blind users, helping to improve web pages here and there by allowing to label improperly labelled graphics or form fields, and – more importantly – it includes the connection to a captcha solving service, which has allowed blind users to participate more equally in web forums, certain blog systems and other services that still require graphical captcha entry.

The problem is that the WebVisum developers do currently not have the resources to port the extension over to Firefox 4.

So if you are a skilled extension developer, please consider donating some of your valuable time to this extension and help port it to FX 4! You’ll be helping a growing part of the Mozilla community continue to participate in today’s web offerings!

WebVisum had to switch to an invitational registration system, I can give out invites!

As you may have read on the WebVisum website, the team had to switch to an invitation-based registration system. The spambot abuse attempts became such a toll on the team after such a short time already that they were forced to take this step.

However, all is not lost with this step! There are already a lot of WebVisum users out there who can invite others. So if you are not a member of WebVisum yet, but know someone who is, ask them for an invitation!

If you don’t know anyone who might have a WebVisum account already, but are reading this blog and want to try it out, please send me private e-mail at marco dot zehe at gmail. I can send out invitations so you can benefit from the CAPTCHA solving, graphics recognition and other great features this Firefox extension offers.

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