Social Bookmarking feature added to blog

Umm well, I sort of had it already, you could either add posts to digg or But this all was a bit hacky, and the implementation wasn’t too accessible, either.

I therefore browsed around a bit on the WordPress plugins site and tried out a few Social Bookmarking plugins on my local test install.

I found that Social Bookmarking reloaded both offers a wide range of Social Bookmarking services and is also accessible.

However, it displays a button for each service, and this can easily clutter up the page. Also, some feedback both here on the blog as well as through other means, it was indicated that the right service is hard to find, even for sighted mouse users. In addition, whatever service I deactivate, I’ll never get just the ones everyone needs.

So after a day, I’ve now decided to not go with “Social Bookmarking Reloaded”, but instead try out AddThis. Their WordPress plugin is unintrusive, only adds a single image at the bottom of each post. I’ve tweaked it a bit so it has proper alt text on the image.

So when you click this link, a new window will open allowing you to bookmark any of my posts with any bookmarking service you like. They offer even more than “Social Bookmarking reloaded” I believe, so there should be something there for everyone now.

Thank you again for your feedback! It’s very helpful, especially when not always seeing the effects of an idea.

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