Reworked accessibility focus handling now in Firefox nightly builds

In the nightly Firefox builds, which are already at version 10.0a1, a big refactoring patch was checked in mid of last week that reworks how the accessibility code handles focus changes and setting of the focus and its associated states for screen readers and assistive technologies.

Among the improvements this rework introduces are bug fixes to some long-standing problems we were having, but could not solve in an easy-to-do manner because of the previously used architecture. For example, handling of focus inside of html:select elements whose size attribute has a value of 2 or greater, has been greatly improved. Now, one knows immediately which item is selected, if any, or even if multiple items are selected if the control supports it.

Also, entering the menu bar or context menus when inside a multi-line edit field AKA html:textarea element, has been improved, and focus is no longer stuck when coming back out of those menus and tabbing or shift-tabbing around the page afterwards. Also, some inconsistencies when entering some edit fields has been fixed for assistive technologies that use IAccessible2.

Handling of autocomplete popups has been improved as well. Assistive technologies now get proper events for the popup’s selected autocomplete item and other associated information.

There’s more, but these are the most user-facing ones.

Users of NVDA and Orca should notice improvements immediately, although both projects told me they’re looking at the builds and see if they need to rework/remove any workarounds they might have had to put into their sources for our lack of proper events/states. Other supporting assistive technology vendors will be contacted by us and urged to do the same for their end users so the user experience will be much improved for everybody.

If all goes according to our rapid release cycle, this will be in Firefox 10, the first release coming out in 2012. If you’re on the Nightly builds and testing the most cutting edge stuff, you already have this code running if you’re on the 2011-09-29 build or later. If you’re on Aurora, you’ll be getting this in mid November when we merge the next time. This code will hit beta in late December.

If you’re running the nightly build now and would like to tive us feedback, please feel free to do so! We’re always interested in your findings and welcome any and all feedback on this you might have. If you’re noticing any inconsistencies, we wanna know about them so we can address them in due time!

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