Mozilla is launching the Aurora channel, bringing accessibility features to you more rapidly!

As was just posted on the Mozilla blog, Firefox is moving to a more rapid release cycle from now on. This also means that accessibility features and fixes will be delivered to users more rapidly than in the past. And I’m not just talking about crash fixes or other minor changes that were previously possible in the point-releases of Firefox releases, but really new features!

For Firefox 5, however, the focus has been on polishing and stabilizing what we delivered in Firefox 4.

To that effect, the very first builds of what we call the Aurora channel are now available. The above linked post has more details.

For those of you interested in the very technical details, we have several bug fixes for crashers, inconsistencies when building the accessibility tree, and other not so obvious fixes in that improve performance and stability.

You’re welcome to try out these builds and give us feedback as always! Aurora builds are more stable and feature-frozen builds that get stabilized in the weeks leading up to the next Firefox release. The next Firefox release will be Firefox 5, expected at the end of this quarter.


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