Last week in the "Accessible" module, March 30, 2009

The last week was rather short, but no less busy.

First, on the off-code side, I attended the European Accessibility Forum Frankfurt (EAFRA) conference on Friday, March 27. Christian Heilmann from Yahoo! posted a great summary of the event and also caught my guide dog Falko sleeping while I talked. The videos will appear here.

On the code side, the action happened in the mozilla-1.9.1 repository AKA Firefox 3.5b4pre this time. Today, I checked in all the approved mozilla-1.9.1 nominated patches. From Tuesday’s 3.5b4pre nightly build onwards, Firefox will:

  • Expose font sizes in PT units instead of PX, as specified in the IAccessible2 spec.
  • Support the value of “undefined” on aria-checked/aria-expanded etc. attributes, as specified in the ARIA 1.0 spec
  • Drop support for aria-channel, container-channel, and aria-datatype
  • Support aria-expanded on more roles
  • No longer support role=”description”
  • Require aria-grab to be changed to aria-grabbed for drag and drop to work in the future
  • Expose non-editable documents as readonly, regardless of role
  • Expose the ‘checkable=”true”‘ object attribute

This brings Firefox 3.5beta4 very close to the ARIA 1.0 spec. We’ll take another look to make sure we don’t miss any details from the specification for implementation. Thanks to Mike Beltzner for not jumping our throats at these 10 or so approval requests we threw at him at once!

In other news, some progress is being made towards finding the leak that running the accessibility Mochitests on Mac OS exposes. It turns out that these same objects can also be leaked by other tests, which are not accessibility related, but ours are still the best bet at reproducing them. So our master of leak detection, Carsten Book AKA Tomcat has kindly agreed to help debug this beast.

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