Last week in the "Accessible" module, March 24, 2008

As the accessibility team was at the 2009 CSUN Center on Persons with Disabilities conference last week, not much happened on the forefront that is visible to bug and code watchers. The only changes that landed were:

However, as David mentions in the above mentioned post, we took the chance to put our heads together and develop ideas for future features and also talked about some hands-on issues that need more immediate attention. Also, it was the first time David and I, and David and Alex met in person. I had already met Alex last year in Whistler at Mozilla’s 2008 Firefox+ summit.

Additionally, Ben Hearsum has been active in trying to get our accessibility Mochitests run on Mac unittest tinderboxes, but ran into some leaks that require further digging because we don’t use either class explicitly in the platform-independent or specialized Mac code. We’re probably uncovering a leak that’s hidden somewhere else. If anyone has any good suggestions off the top of their heads, please feel free to step in!

That’s it for this week.

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