Firefox 3.0.2 has been released, lots of accessibility improvements

As was announced on the Mozilla blog, Firefox and 3.0.2 security updates are now available. In addition to the security fixes, there have been a couple of significant accessibility improvements made to Firefox 3.0.2 that I’d like to give you all a heads-up on.

  • Firefox 3.0.2 is now compatible with JAWS 7.10. In an effort to make Firefox accessible to the widest range of users possible, we’ve identified and fixed a problem that prevented Firefox 3.0 and 3.0.1 from working with JAWS 7.10. If you previously tried to use Firefox 3.0.1 with JAWS 7.10, you would get a crash in Firefox almost instantly after launching it.
  • Similarly, we’ve identified and fixed a problem that prevented proper interaction between Firefox 3.0.1 and the public beta of JAWS 10. With some elements, if they were made visible dynamically, JAWS would not be able to pick them up correctly.
  • Fixes were put in for the doAction and doDefaultAction methods to allow clickables and some other elements like the “Compose” link in GMail to be properly activated by some versions of some screen readers. We previously had a bug that prevented these elements from being activated through the virtual buffers, requiring users to use mouse emulation to activate these elements.
  • Elements within a map element that were not images would previously not be rendered to any screen reader by Firefox. This has been fixed.
  • A random crash that occurred with some layout tables was fixed.
  • And a couple of API fixes were also made to ensure better compatibility with assistive technologies on both Windows and Linux.

I recommend you update to Firefox 3.0.2 as soon as possible to be able to take advantage of these and the other fixes that went into this release. Enjoy!

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