Accessibility testcases up in Litmus! Go and check them out!

Litmus is Mozilla’s community testing platform that allows anyone to test Firefox or other Mozilla products by running a set of testcases and giving us feedback about whether the test passed or failed. The Mozilla QA team uses these test runs to do basic functionality tests (run before every beta release), full functionality tests (run before releases or release candidates), or other set of tests to ensure that certain areas of the product behave as expected with a given set of steps.

For RC1 and the upcoming RC2, I’ve now created testcases for accessibility areas. These tests should be performed using Firefox on either Windows or Linux, and using a screen reader like NVDA, JAWS, or Window-Eyes on Windows, or Orca on Linux. To sighted people not using a screen reader, these expected results do usually not make much sense since they are especially tailored towards output generated by screen readers for the blind.

If you’re interested in helping out testing Firefox on the accessibility side, go get a Litmus account and run the Firefox 3.0 Accessibility test run.

There are a lot of other test runs to perform if you’re interested. You may have to find keyboard equivalents for certain mouse-driven actions, but that should be no problem if you know your Firefox!

Look forward to your results!

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