Firefox 3.5.4 fixes certain comboboxes on Linux with Orca

If you haven’t noticed yet, Firefox 3.5.4 hit the web last night. For accessibility, this brings one major fix all of our Linux and Solaris users will appreciate: Certain comboboxes such as the “Security Question” one on the GMail signup page, were broken in the initial releases of 3.5. When you arrowed, Orca would not […]

NVDA 2009.1 beta, what’s in it for Firefox users?

En route to their 2009.1 final release, the NV Access team has released 2009.1beta1. Here’s a run-down of new features since their 0.6p3 release, of which I did a similar post. This does not cover everything, just the bits that impact the use of NVDA with Firefox and other Mozilla-based products. WAI-ARIA landmark support When […]

The importance of placement of HTML elements in a document

This was an issue I ran into today, so thought I’d blog about it. When dealing with dynamically added and removed content on web pages, there are usually two approaches: One approach is to show and hide content in the place where the trigger for this change is. An example of that is the Mozilla […]

New approaches to Flash and Java accessibility in the browser on Windows

Mick and Jamie from NV Access, the organization behind the free and open-source NVDA screen reader for Windows, are taking new approaches to accessing accessible Flash and Java applets inside the browser. Traditionally, Adobe Flash content is being rendered into the virtual buffer in Windows screen readers such as JAWS. Over the years, this has […]