Recent happenings in accessibility-related projects financially supported by Mozilla

For several years now, Mozilla has funded varying projects in the field of accessibility development. Projects like Orca’s support for WAI-ARIA live regions, GNOME Accerciser, NVDA, or more recently, audio and video accessibility work and Firebug accessibility, are, in whole or in part, being funded by the Mozilla Foundation and other Mozilla resources to help […]

The current state of accessible Firefox on the Mac, your help is appreciated!

I’ve been asked time and time again about what the current state is of the possibility of an accessible Firefox on the Mac that interacts with the VoiceOver screen reader. Well, let me recap what the current affair is. First of all, the bad news is that getting the remaining quirks out of Mac accessibility […]

You’re a table, and I don’t care what lies underneath

Over the past couple of weeks, Alex, David and I have been hard at work refactoring, discussing, and implementing better support for accessible tables in Gecko. Some of this has seen the light in Firefox 3.6alpha, but the heart of the work is currently only in mozilla-central (AKA Firefox 3.7). Update: As of October 29, […]