Blind web devs, jump on the Firebug train!

Late yesterday, Firebug 1.4 was released. Firebug is the web development and debugging tool for Firefox, with a huge user base worldwide. As JJB mentions in his post, UI accessibility was provided for many of the Firebug features by Hans Hillen of the Paciello Group. The Mozilla Foundation funded the first of this work, and […]

The WAI-ARIA Windows screen reader shootout

Firefox 3.5 has been released, and now it’s time to take a look at what features of WAI-ARIA are being supported by which Windows screen reader. Competition is healthy in this market, and two new screen readers have started supporting Firefox during the 3.5 development cycle: Dolphin’s Hal/SuperNova and Serotek’s System Access (including the free […]