Last week in the “Accessible” module, March 30, 2009

The last week was rather short, but no less busy. First, on the off-code side, I attended the European Accessibility Forum Frankfurt (EAFRA) conference on Friday, March 27. Christian Heilmann from Yahoo! posted a great summary of the event and also caught my guide dog Falko sleeping while I talked. The videos will appear here. […]

Last week in the “Accessible” module, March 24, 2008

As the accessibility team was at the 2009 CSUN Center on Persons with Disabilities conference last week, not much happened on the forefront that is visible to bug and code watchers. The only changes that landed were: a fix for one of our top crashers, which also landed on the mozilla-1.9.1/Firefox 3.5 branch. We need […]

Last week in the “Accessible” module, March 16, 2009

Last week, we focused mostly on some solidification on our code and test framework. We are having some strange problems with tests failing randomly or not being run at all. To that end, I fixed the loading of remote images in Mochitests, which is always a dangerous source of failure if an image can’t be […]

Last week in the “Accessible” module, March 9, 2009

Last week’s work saw quite some code cleanup. Unification of role and finalRole Previously, our nsI*Accessible interfaces exposed both role and finalRole properties. While role returned a preliminary role, finalRole always returned the finally determined role after all markup and ARIA processing had taken place. It turned out that the role was hardly ever used, […]

Firefox 3.0.7 fixes screen reader users in GMail!

As you may or may not have read yet, Firefox 3.0.7 was just released. This security and stability update brings a very important fix for all screen reader users wanting to use GMail. Previously, it was not possible to open messages by just going to the appropriate link and pressing Enter. GMail would simply not […]

Last week in the “Accessible” module, March 2, 2009

This is the first in an ongoing weekly series where I’ll highlight items that the accessibility team has been working on over the last week. I’ll be reporting on fixed bugs, or will also call out on items that we might appreciate your help on. Since this is the first issue, and my last update […]