In order for JAWS 8.0 to load the Firefox configuration also for Firefox 3.0, so that a Virtual Find can be performed using Ctrl+F, the file C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataFreedom ScientificJAWS8.0SettingsenuConfigNames.ini must be edited. At the end of the file, add the line


and save the file.

This change cannot be made in a user specific ConfigNames.ini file because JAWS does not support layering this file with a common and a user specific file.

Note that under Vista, this file is in C:ProgramDataFreedom…, and it must be edited as administrator. On the start menu, select NotePad, press Applications, select “Run as administrator”, load, edit, and save the file.

In either case, JAWS should pick up this change immediately.

In case you haven’t read it yet: Firefox 3.0 comes Tuesday, June 17. Watch out for an announcement here, and if you’re interested in helping to set a word record, go and pledge here!

Even though I’ve only been with the Mozilla QA team since December 2007, and helped out a s a community member a few months before that, I feel just as excited about this release as those who have been in Firefox development since long before work on Firefox 3 started. This is a great release, with a whole new platform being supported accessibility-wise, a lot of progress having been made on the already supported platform, and a lot of great new features for everyone that make this release a must-have!