Are Ajax and Accessibility mutually exclusive?

Peter of ATRC and an a11y community member, pointed me to a blog post titled “Stop using Ajax!”, written by OperaDev community member James “Brothercake” Edwards. My initial reaction was “Oh no! Not another one who uses accessibility as the sole argument to rant against a technology he doesn’t like!” And while that outraged feeling […]

Some better evaluation of image markup

Thursday’s nightly build of Firefox 3 contained a change that will give more useful information on certain pages where attributes for image tags have been used in some funny way. There are sometimes sites where the web author supplies an alt attribute with an empty string “”, and in addition supplies a title with useful […]

Looking for help with a certain crasher

I’m looking for someone running Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 who has been submitting crash reports similar to this one. Basically if you’ve got a crash report pointing to nsAccessNode::ClearCacheEntry, I request that you contact me directly or here on this blog. I’m interested in whether you can reproduce the crash, what steps you’re taking, etc. […]

Started on automated test case development

As some of you may already have read on the newsgroups, or heard through statements from me or other accessibility developers at the Firefox project, one of my tasks is to develop automated test cases for our accessibility module. I started this project after the all-hands work week end of January. The first tests have […]

Putting final touches on Firefox 3 accessibility

Over the past weeks the developers and I have been spending time putting the final touches on Firefox 3 accessibility. Here are some of the things worth noting: On Linux, the Library dialog will be working correctly in the upcoming RC1. We had a problem with tree tables changing content which we weren’t handling correctly. […]

Move completed

The move of my blog was finally completed Monday evening CEST. Everything should continue running smoothly now. Appologies to the commenter of my “Blog is moving” post: While your comment/warning was very much appreciated, I did not dare to try and migrate the database again to avoid breackage. Therefore, your comment “fell victim” to this […]