The future of mobile accessibility, a hopeful lookout

In case you haven’t read it yet: Nokia acquires Trolltech. DougT also posted a follow-up article on the future, or lack thereof, of Symbian S60/S40, which you can find here. For accessibility, this currently provokes mixed feelings. On the one side, the S60 platform has been a very successful accessibility story, with Talks and Mobile […]

A few important changes to the accessibility of the Location Bar

As those of you working with Nightly builds may have already noticed, there have been a few important bug fixes made for the Location bar and a few other Places-related controls. Here’s a summary of them: The Location bar pop up no longer announces itself to screen readers as being a menu. As a result, […]

Firefox integration into Linux also sounds native to the platform

Michael Ventnor, a Mozilla intern working on the Linux integration of Firefox 3, just posted a great summary of the work that has been done for Firefox 3. For those of you who can see, he also has a bunch of screen shots that show Firefox nicely integrating into the Gnome Desktop on Ubuntu. I’d […]