Victor Tsaran, accessibility guru at Yahoo!, just posted to the newsgroup that they implemented wai-aria roles and states into the Yahoo! UI’s menu control. You can find the blog post here. To try it out:

  1. From within the blog post, open the link “new YUI example”.
  2. From the article that opens, open the “View Example in new window” link.
  3. On the page that appears, arrow to the first item that starts with “text/html”, and press ENTER on it. This will turn on Forms Mode (in JAWS) or your relevant navigation mode.
  4. Use Left and Right Arrows to navigate the menu bar, use DownArrow to open the menu, just like you would use any ordinary menu.

I tested it, and it works great! Good work, guys!
Note that you need Firefox 3 beta 2 and JAWS 8 or later, or Window-Eyes 6 to take full advantage of this.

One thought on “Yahoo! demonstrating wai-aria roles and states with their YUI Menu Control

  1. Great to see an accessibility blog. Do you know how accessible YUI buttons are? They work by replacing input tags with links, which are easier to style across browsers. But in my experience (with a slightly old version of JAWS), when you enter ‘forms mode,’ all links are ignored.

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