Yahoo! demonstrating wai-aria roles and states with their YUI Menu Control

Victor Tsaran, accessibility guru at Yahoo!, just posted to the newsgroup that they implemented wai-aria roles and states into the Yahoo! UI’s menu control. You can find the blog post here. To try it out: From within the blog post, open the link “new YUI example”. From the article that opens, open the “View […]

Funny language announcements when reading messages in Thunderbird

Have you ever noticed announcements like “x-western” or “x-cyrillic” when reading messages in Thunderbird? JAWS and possibly other screen readers that support the detection of language attributes in HTML content may announce this. The reason is that Thunderbird puts the encoding of a message into the “lang” attribute for each paragraph of content. The problem […]

Firefox 3 Beta 2 now available for download!

If you haven’t heard it already, Firefox 3 Beta 2 is now available for download. One immediately noticeable difference from Beta 1 is, if you surf to a page that contains combo boxes, JAWS will no longer read all entries of such combo boxes in the virtual document, but will once again read the selected […]