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New in accessibility in Firefox 10

Firefox 10 has just been released. Here is a recap of the things that were fixed in accessibility for this release. First and foremost, we managed to fix a whole range of bugs related to focus reporting. For more details, … Continue reading

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Accessibility on the Mac: Progress report Jan 30, 2012

After my blog post about the accessibility of Firefox on Mac OS X ramping up stirred up so much interest (thanks again to everyone who commented!), I thought you’d like to hear a bit about the progress we’ve made since … Continue reading

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Would you like to show us what assistive technology you use Firefox with?

For a while now, Firefox has had the ability to collect anonymous usage data. Internally, we call this telemetry. Recently, we also started to incorporate statistics about the way the accessibility features of Firefox are being used. Our newest addition … Continue reading

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Accessible Firefox on Mac OS X – things are ramping up!

This is to announce that work on a VoiceOver accessible version of Firefox for the Mac OS X platform has been gaining some attention recently, and that very promising progress has been made in the last month! Hub Figuière, a … Continue reading

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If you’re not accessible, you lose sales and reputation

Did I ever mention that I love the community, and I love operating systems with truly inclusive design?! Well, now you know! Here’s a little story that took place in the last half hour: I am looking for an RSS … Continue reading

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