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Last week in the “Accessible” module, April 20, 2009

After the Easter holidays, pace has picked up again in the development of accessibility features and other work surrounding our eco system. Actions for sorting and expansion/collapsing After some minor setbacks, David’s patch on exposing actions for ARIA sort and … Continue reading

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Extension tip, and feedback appreciated: Feed Sidebar

The extension Feed Sidebar by Christopher Finke is a small extension that allows to view one’s Live Bookmarks in a sidebar, much like one would view history or bookmarks. It is not a new RSS feed management, but instead operates … Continue reading

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Article on how to use NVDA and Firefox to test web sites for accessibility

I just published an article on how to use NVDA and Firefox to do website testing. This article can be found on the front page of my blog under the “Pages” section, in the “Articles” sublist. The article is meant … Continue reading

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Why are web forums so unpopular with the blindness community?

Last week, David Tenser, Kadir Topal, and I received an e-mail from Dirk, a moderator at, a mostly German-speaking community which uses mailing lists exclusively to promote exchange between their members. These mailing lists vary in topics from cooking … Continue reading

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