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NVDA 0.6p3 released, quite some news for Mozilla users!

As you may or may not have read, the NVDA team released NVDA 0.6p3 last night. Below, I’d like to highlight those of the changes that are of special interest to those using Mozilla products such as Firefox or Thunderbird … Continue reading

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What should the action name for an indeterminate checkbox be?

As noted in this blog post, we’re currently working on implementing the accessibility for HTML 5 checkboxes that are indeterminate. An indeterminate checkbox is a checkbox that is neither checked nor unchecked, or half-checked if you will. The first stage … Continue reading

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Implementing a new feature in Gecko that may have an impact on accessibility? Ping the accessibility team and tell them!

This morning, Jeff Walden pinged me on IRC to ask me whether the new indeterminate DOM property for checkboxes that is being introduced in HTML 5 and which recently landed on Mozilla 1.9.2, has any accessibility implications. I did a … Continue reading

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At FOSDEM 2009

I’ll be at FOSDEM in Brussels this weekend. I’ll be at the Mozilla booth or attending sessions in the dev rooms. If you feel like dropping by and talk accessibility, ARIA and such, feel welcomed!

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Accessibility fix in 3.0.6

As you may have read already, Firefox 3.0.6 was released on Tuesday. Among the fixes introduced in this version is one for accessibility. It has to do with CaretMoved events and selection changes not being communicated to screen readers properly … Continue reading

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