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Two new ARIA related resources

There are two new ARIA resources that recently entered the web which I’d like to point you to if you’re interested: Paciello Group have started an ARIA tutorial. Peter Thiessen of ATRC in Toronto, Canada, has started a blog on … Continue reading

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Accessibility testcases up in Litmus! Go and check them out!

Litmus is Mozilla’s community testing platform that allows anyone to test Firefox or other Mozilla products by running a set of testcases and giving us feedback about whether the test passed or failed. The Mozilla QA team uses these test … Continue reading

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Extension developers: Give your extension an accessibility checkup for Firefox 3!

As Firefox 3 is fast approaching, and you extension developers are getting ready to update your products, it is a good time to also give your extensions a thorough accessibility checkup. Can the extension be launched without using a mouse? … Continue reading

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Making the AwesomeBar even more awesome!

Today I decided that Twitter is indeed something I want to use more often in the future. As I was looking around AMO, I found the TwitterBar extension by Chris Finke. This thing is truly awesome, and it adds even … Continue reading

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Share your success stories with Mozilla Accessibility

Aaron Leventhal posted a great summary of the impact of Mozilla Accessibility to the newsgroup. Have anything to add? Any success story to share where the accessibility in Mozilla product had an impact on you? Either comment here on … Continue reading

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Impressions from SightCity 2008 in Frankfurt, Germany

From May 7 to May 9, I attended the SightCity conference and exhibition of assistive technologies for the blind and visually impaired. It is the biggest one in the German speaking world, and one of the biggest venues of this … Continue reading

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Impressions from a German Web 2.0 accessibility conference

Last week on Tuesday, I attended a German web 2.0 accessibility conference titled Einfach für Alle – Konzepte und Zukunftsbilder für ein Barrierefreies Internet, loosely translated “Simply for all – Concepts and Visions for an accessible internet”. The conference was … Continue reading

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Social Bookmarking feature added to blog

Umm well, I sort of had it already, you could either add posts to digg or But this all was a bit hacky, and the implementation wasn’t too accessible, either. I therefore browsed around a bit on the WordPress … Continue reading

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