Easy ARIA Tip #1: Using aria-required

Inspired by a conversation I had with Aaron the other day, I’m starting a mini series about easy accessibility improvements you can accomplish using ARIA, but which do not require you to implement a whole widget. Some ARIA attributes also work on plain old standard HTML elements and can easily improve accessibility within supported browsers […]

A lot of small but noticeable usability improvements

Beginning of this week, Aaron Leventhal, who is the module owner for Mozilla accessibility, and I met in Stuttgart, Germany to work on some hard to reproduce and nagging issues. Among one big issue having to do with how document loads are being processed, we also fixed a number of smaller, but no less important […]

What on earth are Places? :-)

A while back, on IRC, Mick Curran of the NVDA project posed an interesting question that led me to this blog post. Those of you who have been following the Firefox 3 press coverage have probably stumbled upon the term “Places”. Let me try and explain a bit about the concepts and accessibility implications. So […]